A Coming-out event is big with all pomp and circumstances.  How are you planning your debut? Quickly, or cautiously?  We all have options in America. We all have different risk tolerances, e.g. insurances, stocks, health to name a few.  Risk is especially true with this emergency.

We must weigh our own tolerances as we move forward.  There are many facets to the crisis as numerous experts have cited with facts. These facts will be part of the basis for all of our individual actions. If we’re young and healthy we may want to go out to work or work from home. If we’re older we may feel vulnerable and stay home. Along with these decisions come individual responsibilities to protect yourself as well as others.

I always believe in moderation. In my opinion, this situation requires moderation. It will seem almost as if moderation has been thrust upon us. We want to go out to eat at restaurants, but there are restrictions, take outs or pick ups. We want to go shopping, but stores are limiting the number of patrons at one time or have curb-side pick-up orders. We want outdoor and indoor entertainments, but can’t have crowds that these events bring. The need to visit friends and family, take trips are deferred indefinitely. Milestones are missed, graduations etc.

We all must be patient and understanding that most of Americans want to work and provide for their families. That how our country was built, on hard working ingenious peoples. Kudoos for the entrepreneurs. They have been the backbone of our economy. Through innovation, inspiration and ingenuity they will prevail. Give our local businesses our support, but do so via social distancing, wearing gloves where needed, and wearing masks.