Yes, it’s true-anyone can become a millionaire.

Even if you don’t achieve millionaire status, these steps can help alleviate stressful financial conditions. Brenda Hendrickson is an award-winning businesswoman, with a background is accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation.

She has brought her passion for being frugal as means to financial freedom. Her messages are heard and seen on, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Cablevision Channel 26, Radio, newspapers, Expert Beacon, and Vicinity’s North Jersey Women Magazine. An active advocate of helping other women entrepreneurs through her participation as President and State Treasurer the of New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners.

These frugal suggestions in her book apply to different lifetime situations: going out on your own, own or saving for a home, renting an apartment, have kids going to college, saving for retirement, vacations, or just investing the additional saving. Frugal is not being cheap, it’s being wise with your resources. Here are a few simple steps that can lead to a successful mindset for individuals and businesses:

  • Know where your money goes – know your leakages.
  • Analyze whether to buy or lease, housing, cars, machinery, or equipment.
  • Learn what is ‘enough’, and when to say ‘no’.
  • Think Green by saving energy, recycling, and reuse at home, or office.
  • Teach next generation about being wise with their money.
  • Time is also a scarce resource – allocate some time to your finances.
  • All work and no play – develop some time for fun, hobbies, or vacationing to recharge.

Enjoy the experience and the rewards.

Frugal Brenda


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