What is ‘cacooning‘? It is a retreat from stressful conditions. Does today Qualify? I think so – bigtime.

It was coined in a 1981 book, “The Popcorn Report”, by Faith Popcorn. Her book suggested many future behaviors that we have seen fulfilled over the years. One of these behavior is retreating into our ‘cacoon‘ – our homes. It can be voluntary or in this instance mandatory.

Essential services personnel like the men and women in the health field, first responders, law enforcement and firefighters are exempt from this isolation. These are today’s heroes.

Now, how are we doing this? Thanks to technology we can perform some of our jobs and businesses through the internet. We can still communicate with associates through video conferencing on the internet. We can still socialize with our family and friends through the internet. We can be entertained through the internet by watching movie rentals, pay TV, e-magazines, e-seminars, and e-shopping.

What is this time teaching us? Efficiency. We are learning to be more efficient with our resources. These resources take the form of all aspect of life. We seem almost going back to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, abruptly. The base of his triangle is the physical needs (air, water, food, rest, health), 2nd security (shelter), 3rd social (love, belonging, inclusion). The rest, ego and self-actualization follow once these basics are met.

We are inventive, brave, and a free society. These times are an extraordinary opportunity to get to re-know family both together and far away. This isolation allows us to do something that we always wanted to do, but couldn’t do for a lack of time. It’s a chance to know our strengths and re-invent ourselves going forward.

Like a butterfly, we will emerge from our ‘cacoon‘ better individuals, but a little different. Embrace this new paradigm.

So, wash those hands and keep on ‘cacooning‘.

Frugal Brenda