This crisis takes many forms besides the obvious health and financial crisis. It affects all of us regardless of income, race, young, and old. The purpose of this article is to be proactive, positive as well as realistic since this will not last forever. We should be prepared for making changes and adjustments to the way we operated pre-virus. This is one of my anti-virus solutions that deal with family issues.

We all have been at home for a long time, have learned to make many sacrifices and do more with less. Our time has been spent more with our kids. Hopefully, not too stressful. Do you think that you can keep this up when they go back to school and for the long-term?

Let’s think of the advantages of our “home alone” times. We learned to do more with less. Can we survive on one salary going forward? Before you say “never’, ‘no’, ‘can’t do without my salary’, below is a partial list of the costs associated with a working parent. Look at the list, take out a pencil and paper and next to each expense fill in your related expenses associated with that item. There can be more expenses depending on you particular situation. Wow, it’s a real eye opener when you put it down on paper. Do you think you can do this? How does this compare to your net pay (not gross)? Your net pay has deductions and taxes taken out. Your net pay is really what you are taking home.

Cost of a working parent:
• Child care – interview, arrangement, drop off, summer vacation and holidays, illnesses
• Transportation – car (gas, repairs, tolls, parking), bus fare, taxis including tips
• Personal – Clothes (office attire), shoes,
• Lunches and tips, snacks, beverages (coffee, tea, soft drinks)
• Office miscellaneous expenses – gifts, donations
• Employment taxes, federal, state and local taxes
• Time away from home – most people don’t consider this intangible asset

Well, this is one of my anti-virus solutions for you to consider because there is a paradigm shift occurring. Time to plan for these different times. Give it some thought and email me with your thoughts at and visit me at  We can help implement frugal strategies for you moving forward. Be safe!

Brenda Hendrickson

Frugal Brenda LLC